Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Has Java failed?

Ok, so of course it hasn't failed. It's a good language. But...

Where are all the Java applications that are running on all of our disperate operating systems?
Where are all the pure java mobile devices and mobile java applications?
Where are all the embedded Java devices? Digital cameras, VCR's, Microwaves?

Why do developers prefer to build applications in 'native' languages and port the code, rather than use Java?

It seems the only place Java is really used is for web applications. Which is curious, because I would argue that the web is the one place that a 'write one, run anywhere' language would be least at home.

Without turning this into a Java vs. PHP contest - I fail to see why the Java language is particularly suited for Internet applications. Furthermore, I am particularly confused why the Web Development community often chooses Java above a web specific language like PHP.