Saturday, June 5, 2010

The last 2500 hours of BBC News headlines

For those interested in the publishing frequency and behaviour of online newspapers, I have published the last 2500 hours of BBC News headlines along with the date and time of publication.

In numerous cases it can be observed that speed of publication wins over grammatical correctness. In addition, it can be seen that numerous headlines have been amended to add drama, correct story discrepancies or simply shorten the lenth of the headline.

(this data was automatically extracted using - the online tracking and notifaction system)

05 June 201018:45:40Seized aid ship taken to Israel
05 June 201013:45:31Israel takes control of aid ship
05 June 201012:45:35Israeli soldiers 'board aid ship'
05 June 201009:45:32Israelis threaten to board ship
05 June 201008:45:35Israel 'shadowing' Gaza aid ship
05 June 201006:45:32New Gaza aid ship 'intercepted'
05 June 201004:45:35Israel vows to stop Gaza aid ship
04 June 201023:45:52Obama warning over Gulf optimism|Footing the bill
04 June 201022:45:43New Japan leader to be named
04 June 201021:45:56Obama makes third visit to Gulf|Footing the bill
04 June 201017:45:40BP begins to funnel off oil spill|Footing the bill
04 June 201016:45:27BP cap begins to siphon oil spill|Footing the bill
04 June 201015:45:45Turkey in threat to Israel ties|Footing the bill
04 June 201014:45:42New Japan leader to be named
04 June 201012:45:30Turkey in threat to Israel ties|Footing the bill
04 June 201011:45:36New Japan PM pledges fresh start|Footing the bill
04 June 201009:45:35New Japan PM pledges fresh start
04 June 201008:45:31Kan becomes Japan prime minister
04 June 201007:45:40Japan's DPJ chooses Kan as leader
04 June 201006:45:35New Japan leader to be named
04 June 201003:45:26Dozens killed in Bangladeshi fire
04 June 201002:45:35BP set to lower US oil-spill cap
03 June 201023:45:49Turkey mourns dead Gaza activists
03 June 201016:45:38Anger as Turkey buries its dead
03 June 201014:45:29Turkey mourns Gaza flotilla dead
03 June 201003:45:38Gaza activists welcomed in Turkey
02 June 201020:45:39Gun rampage leaves 12 dead in UK
02 June 201019:45:51Israel 'had no choice' over raid
02 June 201006:45:29Israel deports flotilla activists
02 June 201001:45:24Israel to free flotilla activists
01 June 201018:45:27Doubt cast on Israel raid account
01 June 201008:45:22UN urges Israel convoy raid probe
01 June 201002:45:24UN members decry Gaza boat deaths
31 May 201020:45:28Israeli PM 'regrets' ship deaths
31 May 201019:45:32Deaths as Israel storms aid ship
31 May 201012:45:23Computing powers|Deaths as Israel storms aid ship
31 May 201008:45:22Deaths as Israel storms aid ship
31 May 201006:45:25Israeli navy storms Gaza aid ship
31 May 201001:45:22Ex-minister leads Colombia vote
30 May 201017:45:24Spill 'is worst US eco-disaster'
30 May 201015:45:34'No guarantee' on new BP oil plan
30 May 201000:45:24'Top kill' fails to stop oil leak
29 May 201021:45:31UK politician quits coalition post
29 May 201019:45:24Israel rejects nuclear talks plan
29 May 201018:45:25Israel rejects nuclear conference
29 May 201016:45:25Malawi pardons jailed gay couple
29 May 201011:45:25UN push for nuclear-free Mid-East
29 May 201010:45:30Minister apologises over expenses
29 May 201006:45:24UN push for nuclear-free Mid-East
28 May 201023:45:26Obama bolsters Gulf oil teams
28 May 201013:45:39Deadly raids on Pakistan mosques
28 May 201009:45:22'Maoist sabotage' kills 65 on India train
28 May 201007:45:30India train 'sabotage' kills 65
28 May 201006:45:23India train 'sabotage' kills 40
28 May 201004:45:23India rail blast crash kills 25
28 May 201002:45:23Indian trains collide after blast
27 May 201019:45:38Obama defends oil spill response
27 May 201017:45:43BP 'slows leaking Gulf oil well'
27 May 201016:45:30BP 'stops leaking Gulf oil well'
27 May 201013:45:29US 'to extend oil drilling ban'
27 May 201010:45:22North Korea scraps naval clash pact
27 May 201005:45:13Oil well plug 'going as planned'
27 May 201003:45:27Oil well plug 'going as planned'|Spectre of debt
26 May 201020:45:32BP begins 'top kill' on oil spill|Spectre of debt
26 May 201011:45:22US seeks action over Korea crisis|Spectre of debt
26 May 201009:45:22US seeks action over Korea crisis
26 May 201008:45:22US backs South Korea in crisis
26 May 201006:45:24US visit as Korean crisis mounts
26 May 201000:45:25Jamaican PM vows to restore order
25 May 201018:45:25Jamaica drug raid toll reaches 27
25 May 201017:45:24North Korea 'severs ties' with South
25 May 201012:45:24World stock markets see big falls
25 May 201008:45:22Jamaican forces storm stronghold
24 May 201022:45:23Jamaica police storm stronghold
24 May 201019:45:42US to conduct Korea navy exercises
24 May 201014:45:38US says Korea crisis 'precarious'
24 May 201004:45:24S Korea freezes trade with North
23 May 201022:45:25US warns it may 'push BP aside'
23 May 201020:45:23India crash jet's recorder found
23 May 201012:45:25Hunt for Indian air crash clues
23 May 201006:45:26Tributes to India crash victims
22 May 201019:45:33Inquiry into deadly India crash
22 May 201018:45:22India air crash kills 158 people
22 May 201008:45:22Indian plane crash kills scores
22 May 201006:45:24'Many dead' in India plane crash
22 May 201005:45:22India plane 'crashes on landing'
22 May 201004:45:23India plane 'overshoots runway'
22 May 201003:45:28EU seeks better crisis response
21 May 201020:45:26EU seeks better crisis response|The meaning of life
21 May 201019:45:28EU pledges better crisis response|The meaning of life
21 May 201015:45:26Germans approve euro rescue plan|The meaning of life
21 May 201013:45:22German house approves euro rescue|The meaning of life
21 May 201012:45:20Thailand unrest 'under control'|The meaning of life
21 May 201010:45:25Thailand unrest 'under control'
21 May 201003:45:24US Senate backs Wall St reforms
20 May 201019:45:27Scientists make 'artificial life'
20 May 201015:45:47Anger at North Korea over warship sinking
20 May 201003:45:19'N Korean torpedo' sank navy ship
19 May 201015:45:40Curfew in Bangkok after surrender
19 May 201008:45:23Soldiers storm Bangkok barricades
19 May 201006:45:23Army enters Bangkok protest camp
19 May 201004:45:23Army moves in on Thai protesters
19 May 201003:45:28Army masses at Thai protest site
18 May 201022:45:23New Iran sanctions being tabled
18 May 201019:45:33New Iran sanctions plan 'agreed'
18 May 201015:45:37Kabul suicide car bomber kills 18
18 May 201008:45:21Kabul suicide car bomb 'kills 19'
18 May 201006:45:21Greece to receive bail-out money
18 May 201004:45:25Obama to set up oil spill panel
17 May 201021:45:24Thais 'must step back from brink'
17 May 201012:45:23Thai protesters defy order to leave camp
17 May 201011:45:24Thai protesters 'must leave camp'
17 May 201005:45:22Rogue Thai protest general dies
17 May 201002:45:22Ash shuts Heathrow and Gatwick
16 May 201023:45:27BP says new oil plan working well
16 May 201017:45:24Thailand rejects protester talks
16 May 201011:45:25New ultimatum for Bangkok protest
16 May 201006:45:24Thailand protesters defy PM vow
15 May 201017:45:25Thai PM promises to end protest
15 May 201016:45:25Thai PM pledges to end protest
15 May 201015:45:40Six die in latest Bangkok clashes
15 May 201011:45:27'Live fire zone' set in Bangkok
15 May 201008:45:22Thai violence claims more lives
15 May 201006:45:27BP chief backs future of oil drilling
15 May 201003:45:27UN urges halt to Bangkok clashes
14 May 201022:45:22Deadly clashes shake Thai capital
14 May 201012:45:21Deadly clashes erupt in Bangkok
14 May 201009:45:20Thai troops clash with protesters
14 May 201007:45:29Bangkok tense after fatal clashes
13 May 201018:45:28Pro-protest Thai general shot in head
13 May 201017:45:34Pro-protest Thailand general shot
13 May 201015:45:29Pro-protest Thai general 'shot'
13 May 201014:30:32UK coalition in first cabinet meeting
12 May 201018:45:32UK coalition leaders in unity vow
12 May 201017:30:26Cameron and Clegg: We are united
12 May 201016:45:22Cameron praises 'historic' deal
12 May 201015:30:26UK PM Cameron hails 'new era'
12 May 201013:30:20New UK PM begins shaping coalition
12 May 201012:15:04UK coalition government sets to work
11 May 201019:45:05UK's Labour 'know Lib Dem talks over'
11 May 201018:45:04Labour 'know Lib Dem talks over'
11 May 201006:45:04'Crunch time' in UK government talks
10 May 201020:45:32Brown to quit as UK Labour Party leader
10 May 201018:45:26Brown to quit as Labour leader
10 May 201015:45:45Shares surge after EU loan deal
10 May 201003:45:27EU agrees euro stability package
10 May 201002:45:24EU agrees 500bn euro aid package
10 May 201001:45:21EU debates emergency funding
09 May 201015:45:28'Pakistan Taliban' behind NY plot
09 May 201012:45:22Mid-East indirect talks 'begin'
09 May 201010:45:22Foreign troops join Russia parade
09 May 201007:45:34EU to debate 'stabilisation fund'
09 May 201006:45:23Tories and Lib Dems to meet again
08 May 201023:30:38Clegg meets Cameron on power deal
08 May 201009:00:14UK parties to consider power deal
08 May 201007:00:14Clegg to deliberate on Tory deal
08 May 201000:00:32Tories and Lib Dems in deal talks
07 May 201018:00:14Cameron offer to build UK government
07 May 201017:00:14Cameron offer to build government
07 May 201016:00:23UK Tories to try to form government
07 May 201013:00:16Germany votes to bail out Greece
07 May 201012:00:12Global shares fall on Greece debt
07 May 201010:00:11Asia shares fall over Greece debt
07 May 201008:00:12UK 'wakes up to hung Parliament'
07 May 201007:00:12Tories likely to be largest party
07 May 201006:00:13Tories set to be largest party
07 May 201004:00:36Conservatives head for big gains
07 May 201000:00:18Tories 'just short of majority'
06 May 201019:00:14Greek parliament backs hefty cuts
06 May 201012:00:11Nigeria swears in new president
06 May 201011:00:13Nigeria's Jonathan made president
06 May 201009:00:11Nigerian President Yar'Adua dies
06 May 201005:00:12Nigeria President Yar'Adua dies
06 May 201004:00:13Nigeria President Yar'Adua dead
06 May 201003:00:28Nigeria President Yar'Adua 'dead'
06 May 201001:00:10Greece is 'on the brink of abyss'
05 May 201015:00:14Three killed in Greece protests
05 May 201014:00:17Clashes in Greek general strike
05 May 201011:00:12UK party leaders in final push for votes
05 May 201008:00:13General strike paralyses Greece
04 May 201022:00:15NY suspect charged with terrorism
04 May 201021:00:15NY suspect 'on terrorism charge'
04 May 201019:00:11Obama defiant after NY bomb plot
04 May 201018:00:12NY bomb suspect to face charges
04 May 201008:00:11Man held over New York bomb plot
04 May 201007:00:14Times Square bomb plot 'arrest'
04 May 201001:00:12Nuclear talks spark Iran-US clash
03 May 201013:00:15Surviving Mumbai gunman convicted
03 May 201012:00:13Mumbai gunman convicted in India
03 May 201011:00:13Mumbai attacks trial verdict due
03 May 201007:00:12NY car bomb plot 'not al-Qaeda'
02 May 201019:00:09US hunts New York car bomb clues
02 May 201012:00:25New York escapes car bomb attack
02 May 201011:00:12New York police defuse car bomb
02 May 201009:00:10New York police defuse 'car bomb'
02 May 201008:00:13Suspected car bomb on NY's Times Square
02 May 201005:00:11US spill 'threatens way of life'
01 May 201021:00:12Weather hampers US oil clean-up
01 May 201008:00:11BP under fire over US oil spill
01 May 201002:00:16US Air Force to douse Louisiana oil slick
30 April 201014:00:12Oil spill sparks new drilling ban
30 April 201008:00:12Oil 'reaches' coast in US spill
30 April 201006:00:09Oil reaches coast in US disaster
30 April 201003:00:17Obama pledges to tackle oil leak
30 April 201000:00:13Leaders in last TV debate appeals
29 April 201022:00:13Leaders clash in final TV debate
29 April 201021:00:12Leaders braced for crunch debate
29 April 201020:00:14US steps up oil disaster response
29 April 201016:00:15US military joins oil leak effort
29 April 201010:00:04US oil slick 'five times bigger'
29 April 201007:00:04US oil leak worse than expected
29 April 201002:00:07Republicans allow finance debate
28 April 201023:00:03Fears grow over Greece shockwaves
28 April 201018:00:05Fears mount over Greece shockwaves
28 April 201013:00:15Greece debt fears batter markets
28 April 201011:00:07Greece moves to block speculators
28 April 201008:00:08Greek crisis sends Asian markets sliding
28 April 201003:00:06Senate panel skewers Goldman boss
27 April 201020:00:08Markets hit by Greece junk rating
27 April 201018:00:07Goldman Sachs comes under fire
27 April 201017:00:07Goldman executive denies charges
27 April 201012:00:10Chaos as Ukraine votes on fleet
27 April 201004:00:06US extradites Noriega to France
26 April 201015:00:05President wins key Sudan election
26 April 201012:00:06IPL chief faces corruption probe
26 April 201011:00:06Indian cricket suspends IPL chief
26 April 201005:00:06Environmental fears over US spill
25 April 201018:00:06Greek talks with IMF 'going well'
25 April 201010:00:06Thai PM warns Bangkok protesters
25 April 201001:00:05IMF head speaks out on Greek fear
24 April 201019:00:05US urges speedy action on Greece
24 April 201015:00:05Thai PM rejects protesters' offer
24 April 201014:20:54Greek crisis hangs over IMF talks
24 April 201003:00:05G20 hopeful on economic recovery
23 April 201013:00:05Greece calls on emergency EU loans
23 April 201012:00:07Greece 'to activate EU/IMF loans'
23 April 201009:45:06Thai protest stand-off intensifies
22 April 201014:45:04Obama pushes case for bank reform
22 April 201006:45:04Recriminations over flight chaos
22 April 201001:45:04Europe's skies returning to normal
22 April 201000:45:05Europe's skies head back to normal
21 April 201011:45:06Europe's skies open for business
20 April 201021:45:05Chaos persists as flights resume
20 April 201016:45:04Half of European flights 'to fly'
20 April 201015:45:14Half of Europe flights 'to fly'
20 April 201011:45:11Limited flights resume in Europe
20 April 201004:45:05Europe starts to resume flights
20 April 201001:45:04EU moves to ease curbs on flights
19 April 201019:45:06EU moves to ease curbs on flights|Audio slideshow: Mugabe's 30 years
19 April 201018:45:05Hopes rise flight chaos may ease|Audio slideshow: Mugabe's 30 years
19 April 201011:45:07Airlines condemn 'European mess'|Audio slideshow: Mugabe's 30 years
19 April 201005:45:04EU emergency talks on air chaos
18 April 201017:45:47Airlines urge flight ban review
17 April 201023:45:49Europe flight misery to drag on
17 April 201014:45:07Ash deepens Europe travel chaos
17 April 201010:45:11Ash shuts major European airports
17 April 201000:45:05Air travel 'facing days of chaos'
15 April 201022:15:42Europe faces prolonged air chaos
15 April 201018:15:42Volcano ash spreads Europe flight chaos
15 April 201013:15:05Volcanic ash disrupts N European flights
15 April 201012:15:40Volcanic ash halts all UK flights
15 April 201010:15:32Volcanic ash disrupts UK flights
15 April 201008:15:39China earthquake rescue steps up
15 April 201001:15:07China sifts rubble for survivors
14 April 201014:15:46Hundreds die in western China quake
14 April 201008:15:48Hundreds die in west China quake
14 April 201006:15:42Quake kills scores in west China
14 April 201002:15:38Nuclear stock security tightened
14 April 201000:15:48Summit agrees nuclear protection
13 April 201014:15:53Kyrgyz president 'ready to quit'
13 April 201011:15:06Polish first lady's body returned home
13 April 201005:15:05Stark nuclear warning for summit
12 April 201023:15:05'Ukraine vow' at nuclear summit
12 April 201016:15:43Thailand PM faces rising pressure
12 April 201015:15:06Pressure mounts on Thai premier
12 April 201005:15:05Poles to pay tribute to dead president
12 April 201004:15:51Poles to pay tribute to Kaczynski
11 April 201016:15:37Polish leader's body flown home
11 April 201015:15:06Kaczynski body returned to Poland
11 April 201014:15:40Polish tributes to President Kaczynski
11 April 201013:15:08Poland tribute to dead president
11 April 201012:15:47Poland in tribute for president
11 April 201011:15:05Poland grieves for dead president
11 April 201002:15:39Poland mourns its lost president
10 April 201013:01:46Polish president dies in plane crash
10 April 201010:01:41Polish president 'in plane crash'
10 April 201009:01:52Vatican defends Pope over new row
10 April 201007:01:40Vatican backs Pope in letter row
09 April 201022:01:45Pope 'letter' reignites abuse row
09 April 201018:01:50Kyrgyz president 'fears for life'
09 April 201017:01:45Thai protest restores blocked TV
09 April 201011:01:56Thai red-shirts storm TV station
09 April 201002:01:51Netanyahu cancels US nuclear trip
08 April 201019:01:42Kyrgyz president refuses to quit
08 April 201018:31:45Labour hit back over tax plan row
08 April 201017:31:35Kyrgyz president refuses to quit
08 April 201013:31:41US and Russia hail nuclear treaty
08 April 201013:01:49US and Russia sign nuclear deal
08 April 201012:32:30US and Russia to sign arms deal
08 April 201010:32:28Kyrgyz opposition seizes control
07 April 201023:31:41Kyrgyz opposition claims control
07 April 201015:01:42Clashes escalate in Kyrgyz crisis
07 April 201014:01:46Kyrgyz protesters storm state TV
07 April 201012:31:39'Four killed' in Kyrgyz clashes
07 April 201003:31:41Rio de Janeiro floods kill scores
06 April 201023:01:38Obama cuts US nuclear arms' use
06 April 201012:31:42UK PM confirms election on 6 May
05 April 201023:31:48US anger at Pakistan mission raid
05 April 201013:31:37Attack on Pakistan US consulate
05 April 201012:01:34Pakistani city hit by explosions
05 April 201010:01:40Scores rescued from Chinese mine
05 April 201008:01:37Dozens rescued from Chinese mine
05 April 201006:31:34'Dozens survive' China mine flood
05 April 201006:01:32Battle to save '70 China miners'
05 April 201000:31:35Chinese miners rescued after week
04 April 201015:31:33Top cardinal rejects sex abuse 'gossip'
04 April 201015:01:39Cardinal rejects abuse 'gossip'
04 April 201011:31:37Pope's preacher sorry for abuse remarks
04 April 201008:31:30S African supremacist Terreblanche killed
04 April 201002:31:38Eugene Terreblanche beaten to death
04 April 201000:01:32Eugene Terreblanche 'beaten to death'
03 April 201022:31:34Iraq gunmen kill Sunni villagers
03 April 201017:31:39Iraq gunmen 'execute' villagers
03 April 201016:01:37Iraq gunmen kill Sunni villagers
03 April 201006:30:59Fury at anti-Semitism link in abuse row
03 April 201005:30:51Fury at anti-Semitism link to abuse row
02 April 201020:30:59Sex abuse furore 'like anti-Semitism'
02 April 201014:31:10Obama to step up pressure on Iran
02 April 201011:31:15US presses China on nuclear Iran
02 April 201002:30:47Multiple Israeli strikes hit Gaza
02 April 201001:30:56Israeli air strikes target Gaza
02 April 201000:31:02UN envoy denies Afghan poll fraud
01 April 201016:30:54UN accused over Afghan polls
01 April 201012:30:53Iran takes nuclear case to China
01 April 201011:31:06China 'relents on Iran sanctions'
01 April 201001:30:57UN Haiti pledges surpass targets
31 March 201019:31:08Chechen rebel claims Metro blasts
31 March 201016:30:55UN chief supports $4bn Haiti plan
31 March 201011:42:21Twelve die in Dagestan bombings
31 March 201002:10:36Serbia offers Srebrenica apology
30 March 201020:15:34PM Putin demands bombers caught
30 March 201016:45:35Putin wants Moscow bombers caught
30 March 201014:15:41Russia mourns Metro bombs victims
30 March 201010:15:36Moscow mourns Metro bombs victims
29 March 201023:46:17Moscow vows to avenge bomb blasts
29 March 201014:12:59Suicide bombings hit Moscow Metro
29 March 201007:45:40Moscow Metro explosions kill 37
29 March 201006:45:34Deadly explosion on Moscow Metro
28 March 201022:45:37Obama hails forces on Afghan trip
28 March 201021:45:39Obama hails troops on Afghan trip
28 March 201018:15:42Obama on first Afghanistan visit
28 March 201017:15:36Face-to-face talks on Thai unrest
28 March 201012:15:44Thailand PM meets protest leaders
28 March 201010:45:31Thailand PM agrees to negotiate
27 March 201023:15:40DR Congo massacre uncovered
27 March 201012:45:28Iraq poll winner reaches out to rivals
27 March 201009:15:33Iraq PM vows to challenge result
27 March 201006:15:28Iraq PM vows to challenge vote
26 March 201018:15:30US and Russia cut nuclear arsenals
26 March 201015:45:32US and Russia agree nuclear deal
26 March 201011:45:36Vatican attacks media over abuse
26 March 201002:15:31Vatican denies sex abuse cover-up
25 March 201017:45:35Pope 'failed to act' on sex abuse
25 March 201015:15:33Pope faces abuse cover-up query
25 March 201013:15:30Merkel stands firm on IMF rescue
25 March 201009:45:32Israeli PM hopeful on peace talks
25 March 201009:15:30Israeli PM talks of 'golden' deal
25 March 201008:45:27Israel PM hails 'golden' solution
25 March 201007:15:29'No progress' in US-Israeli talks
25 March 201002:15:32Fresh bid to solve US-Israeli row
24 March 201018:45:34US-Israel talks fail to solve row
24 March 201016:15:34Saudis 'hold dozens of militants'
24 March 201008:45:29Netanyahu meets Obama amid row
24 March 201004:45:30Netanyahu meets Obama after row
23 March 201023:45:33Netanyahu warns of peace talks delay
23 March 201017:15:31UK punishes Israel in Dubai killing row
23 March 201011:15:35Britain to expel Israeli diplomat
23 March 201008:15:30China slams Google censorship move
23 March 201004:15:35Israel 'will build in Jerusalem'
22 March 201021:45:39Clinton warns Israel on tough choices
22 March 201014:45:34Democrats hail US healthcare bill
22 March 201012:45:32US House passes historic health reform
22 March 201004:15:31US House passes key health vote
21 March 201018:45:34US House set for key health vote
21 March 201014:15:34Iraq vote recount calls rejected
21 March 201012:15:30UN chief dismay at Gaza suffering
21 March 201010:15:33UN chief pledges support for Gaza
20 March 201021:15:31Obama in final health vote push
20 March 201012:45:30Pope apology for Irish church sex abuse
20 March 201012:15:30Pope 'sorry' for Irish church sex abuse
20 March 201011:15:28Pope's letter on Irish church abuse due
19 March 201023:15:32Obama hails 'historic' health bid
19 March 201010:15:32Quartet urges settlement freeze
19 March 201009:15:33Moscow hosts key Mid-East talks
19 March 201003:46:04Taliban arrests halt UN contacts
18 March 201016:45:32New US-Russia nuclear deal 'soon'
18 March 201011:15:29EU's foreign chief in Gaza visit
18 March 201007:15:30EU's foreign chief to visit Gaza
18 March 201004:45:28Obama denies crisis with Israel
17 March 201018:15:34Nigeria leader dissolves cabinet
17 March 201013:45:36Irish Catholic head sorry for 'cover up'
17 March 201008:15:44Thais take blood protest to PM's house
17 March 201007:15:41Thais spill blood at PM's house
17 March 201004:45:31Thai protests head to PM's house
16 March 201019:45:35Clinton affirms US Israel support
16 March 201014:45:54US envoy postpones Israel visit
16 March 201012:45:33Blood protest against Thai leader
16 March 201009:45:31Sri Lanka puts ex-army chief on trial
16 March 201003:15:36Sri Lanka trial for ex-army chief
16 March 201000:15:42US presses Israel on settler row
15 March 201018:15:38Israel-US ties 'at historic low'
15 March 201014:46:10Israel-US ties at 'historic low'
15 March 201013:45:47Thai PM rejects protest ultimatum
14 March 201017:20:22Obama aide stokes US-Israel row
14 March 201013:45:45Thai protest sets poll deadline
14 March 201005:15:31Huge opposition rally in Thailand
13 March 201019:15:35Many killed in Afghan bomb blasts
13 March 201015:46:30Karzai U-turn on polling watchdog
13 March 201006:15:39EU 'nearing' Greece bail-out deal
13 March 201001:45:35Clinton rebuke over Israel homes
12 March 201023:15:39Clinton rebuke over Israel homes|The top 100 sites
12 March 201018:15:37Bombs kill 45 in Pakistani city|The top 100 sites
12 March 201017:15:34Third blast rocks Pakistani city|The top 100 sites
12 March 201013:15:58Deadly blasts hit Pakistani city|The top 100 sites
12 March 201012:45:32Deadly blasts hit Pakistani city|The top 100 sites on the internet
12 March 201010:15:40Deadly blasts hit Pakistani city
12 March 201005:15:34New York agrees 9/11 dust payout
11 March 201016:45:35Pinera sworn in as new quake hits
11 March 201013:15:35Biden tries to ease Mid-East row
11 March 201011:45:50Mid-East peace talks in doubt over housing
11 March 201009:45:31Peace talks in doubt over housing
11 March 201009:15:33Abbas 'refuses talks with Israel'
11 March 201008:45:52Greeks stage fresh general strike
11 March 201000:15:45Contractors 'divert Somalia aid'
10 March 201020:15:33Scientists to review climate body
10 March 201016:15:33Biden steps up pressure on Israel
10 March 201011:15:38Iran attacks US over Afghanistan
10 March 201009:15:34'Last Bali bomber' killed in Indonesia
10 March 201005:15:29Indonesia militant 'was killed'
09 March 201023:15:33US attacks East Jerusalem plans
09 March 201018:15:33Israel backs East Jerusalem build
09 March 201017:45:53Israel backs E Jerusalem building
09 March 201011:15:34US eyes chance for Mid-East peace
08 March 201013:15:33'Hundreds dead' in Nigeria attack|Connected world
08 March 201006:45:32Eleven die in Pakistan explosion
08 March 201003:46:03Nigeria head puts forces on alert
08 March 201000:15:37'Scores killed' in Nigeria riots
07 March 201013:15:46Iraq poll hit by deadly attacks
07 March 201009:45:27Bloody start to Iraq's election
07 March 201009:15:31Iraqis vote in general election
07 March 201008:45:40Iraq PM seeks high vote turnout
07 March 201007:15:32Iraqis vote in general election
07 March 201004:45:37Iraq PM seeks high vote turnout
07 March 201003:15:29Iceland rejects bank payback plan
06 March 201023:45:54Togo president 'wins re-election'
06 March 201010:15:30Icelanders vote on payback plan
06 March 201006:45:27US to conduct Blackwater review
06 March 201000:45:38US will not adopt 'genocide' bill
05 March 201011:45:54Iraq war was 'right', says Brown
05 March 201004:15:34Turkish anger at 'genocide' vote
04 March 201022:15:37US vote attacks Turkey 'genocide'
04 March 201015:15:36Polling stations attacked in Iraq
04 March 201012:45:30Four jailed for German bomb plot
04 March 201011:15:29Four convicted over German plot
04 March 201008:45:28China slows military spending surge
04 March 201008:15:29China slows military budget rise
04 March 201007:45:30Birth defects 'rise' in Falluja
04 March 201007:15:28Birth defects 'rise' in Fallujah
04 March 201006:45:28Birth defects 'rise' in Falllujah
03 March 201022:45:33Obama urges vote on health reform
03 March 201014:15:31Greece backs new austerity plan
03 March 201010:45:32Iraqi city hit by triple bombing
03 March 201010:15:27Iraqi suicide bombings 'kill 29'
03 March 201009:45:30Iraqi suicide bombings 'kill 27'
03 March 201008:15:28Greeks await fresh economic pain
02 March 201019:46:29Pleas for calm amid Chile rubble
02 March 201017:46:29Chile troops aim to stop looting
02 March 201010:46:13Chile struggles to stop looting
01 March 201014:15:39Chile troops tackle quake looters
01 March 201002:15:36Chile steps up rescue after quake
28 February 201019:45:38Chilean quake toll jumps to 708
28 February 201013:15:27Chile counts cost as tsunami ebbs
28 February 201003:15:34Chile quake 'affects two million'
27 February 201008:45:35Massive earthquake strikes Chile
27 February 201002:45:35Colombia president fails in third term bid
27 February 201002:15:36Uribe fails in Colombia term bid
27 February 201000:15:31Fresh charges over Turkey 'plot'
26 February 201015:45:31Court seizes $1.4bn of Thaksin fortune
26 February 201015:15:29Thai court seizes Thaksin fortune
26 February 201008:15:31Suicide attack on Afghan capital
26 February 201006:45:30Suicide bombs hit Afghan capital
26 February 201000:15:36No breakthrough on US healthcare
25 February 201019:15:40US leaders wrangle on healthcare
25 February 201017:15:34Turkey seeks to calm 'plot' fears
25 February 201012:45:35Turkish leaders in 'plot' summit
25 February 201006:45:33India and Pakistan launch talks
25 February 201005:45:29Australia anger at Dubai killing
24 February 201022:45:41Toyota boss apologies to Congress
24 February 201022:15:53Toyota boss apologies for faults
24 February 201021:45:36US Congress questions Toyota boss
24 February 201020:45:31Toyota boss appears for grilling
24 February 201018:45:51Toyota boss arrives for grilling
24 February 201014:45:52Nigeria deputy remains in charge
24 February 201012:45:47Nigerian president returns home
24 February 201008:45:46Nigerian president 'returns home'
23 February 201021:15:31Sudan and Darfur rebels sign deal
23 February 201018:15:34Boss says Toyota 'grew too fast'
23 February 201008:45:36Concern at Karzai poll power grab
23 February 201005:45:32Summit 'backs claim on Falklands'
22 February 201016:45:47Obama unveils new healthcare plan
22 February 201008:15:38Air strike kills Afghan civilians
22 February 201005:45:37Lufthansa four-day strike begins
22 February 201005:16:10Portugal to mourn Madeira victims
21 February 201018:45:46Rescuers search flood-hit Madeira
21 February 201017:45:36Aid rushed to flood-hit Madeira

What happened to the pocket television?

I remember about 20 years ago seeing the first portable televisions.

But technology has moved on - we now have a range of high performance, low cost, energy efficient devices that enable our mobiles, laptops, netbooks, mp3 players and cameras to host an array of advanced and broad features.

Google recently announced their interest in approaching television as an amazing advertising opportunity - stating that world-wide more people engage with television than any other channel - including the Internet.

So where are all the televisons? Cars now have large screen GPS devices, blue tooth capabilities, USB audio interfaces... but no televison. Mobile phones have blue-tooth, wifi, web browsers, cameras, radios, high-resolutions screens...but still no television.

You see hundreds of people on trains and buses hunched over their mobile/media player watching pre-downloaded or low-resolution, low-bandwidth video online - when they could be watching the world cup live, in relatively high-definition, wherever they they go... why do mobile/mp3 manufacturers simply not include a dvt digital tuner and provide television capabilities.