Saturday, June 5, 2010

What happened to the pocket television?

I remember about 20 years ago seeing the first portable televisions.

But technology has moved on - we now have a range of high performance, low cost, energy efficient devices that enable our mobiles, laptops, netbooks, mp3 players and cameras to host an array of advanced and broad features.

Google recently announced their interest in approaching television as an amazing advertising opportunity - stating that world-wide more people engage with television than any other channel - including the Internet.

So where are all the televisons? Cars now have large screen GPS devices, blue tooth capabilities, USB audio interfaces... but no televison. Mobile phones have blue-tooth, wifi, web browsers, cameras, radios, high-resolutions screens...but still no television.

You see hundreds of people on trains and buses hunched over their mobile/media player watching pre-downloaded or low-resolution, low-bandwidth video online - when they could be watching the world cup live, in relatively high-definition, wherever they they go... why do mobile/mp3 manufacturers simply not include a dvt digital tuner and provide television capabilities.

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