Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Software development and the dangers of the word "Done"

People like using the word "done" and with good reason - if something is "done" it means we no longer have to worry about it and we can get on with the next task - its a decisive and positive word. But this word is usually misleading and in the real world, software development tasks are very rarely "done".

To say that a software development task is "done" tends to send a message to the project manager and client that the specific user story or feature will never need any revision and is completely free from errors. This is almost certainly not the case. It's a good assumption that new code will contain errors, even if you haven't found them yet and you can be pretty sure that when the new feature is demonstrated to the client or as soon as real people start to use the system, changes will be required.

And at the engineering level, well organized code will generally adhere to the DRY (dont repeat yourself) principal. This means that engineers will try to 'abstract' code, functions and structures to be as general as possible so that they are used as often as possible. This implies that although a feature may appear unchanged from one version to the next, the engineers really know that actually a lot of the underlying code may well have changed and although unit testing can 'positively' test and confirm consistent behaviour, a good dose of manual testing will do no harm.

But this article is not about code organization or testing techniques, it is about why we should try not to use the word "done". When we say this word, we probably really mean: "done to the point where another task is of higher priority". If this definition of "done" is generally accepted then project managers and clients can continue as usual, but should not be alarmed when something marked as "done" contains bugs, needs changing or the code requires rework.


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